1990: Mary and Vasilis Michailides founded Orthostatical in order to offer innovative rehabilitation aids so as to cover the gap in the Greek market for specialized rehabilitation devices and also to enable everyone to buy disability aids from Greece

1992: The business activities  is expanding in the center of Thessaloniki in a store  of 150 m2.

1993: The Italian company Vassilli concludes an exclusive distribution agreement with Orthostatical, in order to introduce its products in the Greek market. The collaboration continues to this day with great success.

1997: Orthostatical is transferring to its own establishment in Thessaloniki to a 450m2 place, which is accessible and capable of easy parking for the convenience of its customers.
2002: H Orthostatical is expanding  its operations in Attica in the center of Athens in its own place of 150m2 in order to serve the growing needs of the population of the capital.

2005: The  Swedish company LIKO, with aids for patients transferring,  signs an exclusive distribution agreement for the Greek territory with  Orthostatical. The Swedish company Liko offers a wide variety of transport hoists for use at home as well and special transportation systems of patients for use at hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

2005: Orthostatical having as main objective to provide quality products and services with the ultimate goal the  satisfaction of its customers, installed and certified quality system to ISO 9001:2000.

2006: H Orthostatical achieves a new partnership with the German company Medica Medizintechnik GmbH. . Both companies are signing  an exclusive distribution agreement for the entire Greek territory for the  rehabilitation aids and physical therapy THERA.

2007: Orhtostatical modernizes its establishment in Thessaloniki   thereby create a more functional and pleasant working environment.

2009: The company is expanding the business and offers transportation solutions for stairs with a comfortable seat that allows the user to move independently and safely in the house. Concludes a new exclusive distribution agreement with the British company Minivator.

2010: The Shop of Athens is transferring to a new and larger owned place in Holargos, where it has offices, showroom and technical support.

Now armed with the expertise and experience of 20 years, with  well-trained staff, with modern facilities, with our eyes always on humans, our goal remains the provision of quality rehabilitation aids. The continuous improvement of services and the best customer service satisfies your every need for autonomous and independent life.