The company Orthostatical is a family business, which was founded 22 years ago from Mary and Vasilis Michailidis after a personal disability experience.

The company Orthostatical is activating in the orthopedics field and rehabilitation products, which is distinguished not only for its correct structure but also for the quality of the products and services which offers.

It owns two establishments one in Athens and one in Thessaloniki with suitable modeled demonstration  place, service department  for the repair of the products and offices for the perfect service of the customers.

The establishments in Athens and Thessaloniki cover a total area of 1650m2 and they are completed  modernized  and with access for the disabled.

The company Orthostatical owns 8 vehicles – van especially modeled with specific ramp offering free demonstration in the customers place and also frees service.

In the Orthostatical one can find every single type of wheelchairs , electric and manual, hoists for the transfer of the patients, Lifts and stand up wheelchairs ( for vertical position), trainers for passive exercises, goods for bathroom, systems and solutions for stairs and also a big variety of rehabilitation products for every day living.

The company Orthostaticalhaving a very important position in the market of rehabilitation products has equipped big Rehabibilitation Centers and even Hospitals.

Orthostatical is the exclusive representative of the companies VASSILLI, LIKO, MEDICA, B&B, CTM, for all the Greek territory.

The long existing presence of Orthostatical in the Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation products field, in combination with the continually research of new and innovation aids, contributes to the creation (production) of a big variety of orthopaedics and rehabilitation products, which cover not only the needs of its customers but also the demands of the up to date medical rehabilbilitation.

Orthostatical managed to combine the sensitivity for the human being, with the technical knowledge of the aids, so as to offer the appropriate aid undertaking every single customer as a special and unique case.

The family spirit of the company leads the Orthostatical always close to the client. The basic point and philosophy of the business but also of the people who compose it is the improvement of the quality of life of people with special needs. A life with independence and respect. Our long-lived experience and the excellent knowledge of the rehabilitation products, the perfectly organized technical service and the specialized department customer service which dispose classify Orthostatical to the top in the rehabilitation field. With comprehensive knowledge of how important is for every single client the immediate delivery of the products and the technical service, Orthostatical dispose fully stock of spare parts for the immediate service of its clients. The well-trained stuff of Orthostatical assumes with responsibility the repair of all the wheelchairs and aids.

Orthostatical having as main objective the supply of high quality products and services and at the end to satisfy its clients, established a quality system and is qualified with ISO 9001:2008.